Aperitif Price
Homemade Alioli & Bread (in the Bread,Olive, Herbs & dried Tomato )(A,G,P,O)* 3.90€
Marinated Feta Cheese, Kalamata Olives and Sun-dried Tomato (G,P,O)* 5.50€
Olives Salad, pickles & cut green Olives in SPICY Chili Sauce (P,O) * VEGAN 4.50€
For Dipping
Hummus Classic (,N,O)* VEGAN 5.70€
Duet of Hummus Mango & Beetroot (N,O)* VEGAN 6.90€
Hummus with SPICY Chorizo (N,O)* 6.90€
Hummus Kafta (Arabic Meatballs 2u.)* 8.90€
*Prawns with Garlic (Gambas Pil pil) (B.)* 8.40€
*Mussels meat in Casero style Pil pil with garlic (R)* 7.90€
*SPICY Chorizo-Mozzarella Pil pil (B)* 6.50€
*Champignons Pil pil VEGAN 5.00€
*Tomato Carpaccio (Makdous) Stuffed Eggplant with Walnuts & Bell pepper (N)* VEGAN 5.90€
*Smoked Duck Carpaccio topped with Salad, Parmesan Cheese & pine nut (G,M,O)* 11.50€

Tabla de España

Jamón Serrano, Chorizo Sausage mix, Salchicha de Málaga, Feu, Manchego Cheese, Tetilla Cheese, Aragon & Jaén Olives, Tortilla (G,O)*

* Zucchini Terrine Bell Pepper fresh Cheese (G,M)* 5.90€ Vegetaria

* Artichoke in olive oil cooked with green Peas carrots and potatoes

VEGAN 5.70€ (COLD)

something special Price
Baked Goats Cheese with Honey- Rosemary, coated with Serrano Jamon on Apple- Beetroot Salad in Casero Dressing . (G,M,O)* Vegetarian is possible 8.50€
* Tuna Fish (100gr) Filet in Sesame Coat with Cucumber Yoghurt Wasabi mix (P,D,M,N,O)* 8.90€
*Tagliatelle with Truffle Cream Sauce & Parmesan .( A,G)* 10.90€
* Eggplants- Peppers & Chickpeas gratin with minced Beef in Tomato sauce Topped with Mozzarella Cheese (A,E,G)*..... 9.50 € / Vegetarian 8,50 €

Classic in Casero style

* Croquetas ** with Chorizo OR ** Spinach rolled with Jamon

(per piece, 4 pieces minimum) (A,G,)* 1.50 €

*Patatas Bravas 5.50 € VEGAN , OR Vegetaria

*Albondigas Lamb Meatballs with Tomato Sauce(A,G,P)*.. 5.70 €

* Fried Halloumi Cheese (per piece, 2 pieces minimum) (A,G,)* 1.50 € Vegetaria

* Three melted Cheeses from the Oven (A,G)* 5.90€ Vegetaria

Main Courses Price
Tagine of the Day with Couscous. (A,O,N) *. Casero Style.. Daily Price €
*Duck Breast, mixed Salad in Casero Dressing & Dip (G,M,O) 16.50€
* Oven Salmon, roasted Vegetable Salad (COLD) & Dip (D,G,M,O) 14.90€
Marinated Tofu served with Carrot-green Peas in Tomato Sauce and Potatoes (F )VEGAN 13.90€
Chicken Breast Stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese, Champignons, black Olives, Oregano withTomato sauce & Mashed of Chickpeas (O) *… 14.90€
Beef Tenderloin 190g Mediterranean style, Potato, warm saisonal Pan Vegetables & herbs Butter (A,G,O)* Daily Price €
Dessert Daily offers on the Board

Extra Bread....,50€ Silverware 0,60€ Butter..... ,50€

*( Cereals containing gluten A, Crustaceans B, Egg C, Fish D, Peanut & Nuts E, Soy F, Milk or lactose G, Beans H, Celery L, Mustard M, Sesam N, Sulfite O, lupine P, Molluscs R).